As children of the 60’s, we wanted to save the world, or at least leave a small footprint. Wool allows us to design and create without guilt.

Our sheep are sustainable, kind to the land, and grow an outstanding fleece just grazing on our back hill. Our 100 ewes produce enough wool to allow us to design and knit many garments and provide our customers with the highest quality yarn. This cycle is repeated every year, making wool an unrivaled renewable resource.

We chose Border Leicester sheep for their easy maintenance and fabulous fleece. Soft, long lustrous fiber that is easy to dye, spin and knit turns work into joy. As the fleece frees itself from the sheep during shearing, we skirt the wool, leaving only the best and most beautiful to be knitted or woven into “one of a kind” garments. Just as a sculptor lets his marble speak to him, the wool speaks to us. It is the inspiration behind our designs.

What an honor to put a new twist on a 10,000 year old craft!

Kid Friendly!

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