Jeff, Annie & Ben Armistead

Waterford Landmark Artisan

Local Virginia hardwood trees are the heart of our business. We mill slabs ourselves with our sawmill, using a five foot ripping chain, cutting so that the most beautiful and unusual grain is exposed. From “tree to table” is a process spanning many years. Lumber is air-dried at least a year for each inch of thickness, then it finishes drying in our kiln. After planing and cutting, pieces are put together using much traditional joinery such as dovetails, wedged tenon, and pegged mortise and tenon. Hours are spent sanding and finishing. Our designs are simple, to keep the essence of the tree, and built to last generations. Each piece is finely finished and so silky smooth, people love to touch them.

We are very lucky that we love what we do and we’re able to support our family with our craft. Spending so much time with each piece of wood, our pieces are almost like our children, and it is very gratifying to have them find good homes with customers who love and appreciate our work!

Kid Friendly! Children can hammer and work on sanding and finishing. Learn about identifying trees, growth patterns and traditional woodworking techniques.