Waterford Cake

A traditional cake passed down through the years in the village of Waterford, little is known about the origins but it may be pictured in this old photo of the Waterford Country Store.

Try the Waterford Cake at the ChefScape tent during the Waterford Fair. ChefScape is located in the Schooley Mill area near the Wine & Beer Meadow. They will also be serving other gourmet desserts, appetizers and entrees.

See the Food & Libations page for details and prices.

Book Signings at the Waterford Fair!

Book Signings at the Old Mill B-4 (10-5 daily)

Eric W. Buckland has written six books about some of the men who rode with Mosby’s Rangers. He was recently featured on CSPAN-3’s American History TV Civil War Series presenting a lecture on “Leadership of Colonel John S. Mosby”. He will be signing: Mosby Men I-V & Mosby’s Keydet Rangers.





At Journey Through Hallowed Ground D-5 (noon-2 daily)

Neil C. Hughes has lived with history all his life. His book grew from his research into the people who built and lived in his own historic Quaker home, Samuel Hough House, here in the village. He will be discussing and signing: A Village in Time: 1660-1900, Discovering American History in a Small Virginia Quaker Village.

James Rendi

James Rendi

Hand made windsor chairs,   using the same types of tools , woods and finish.  all signed and labeled ,   all chairs are guaranteed  ,  all wood is hand split and worked with draw knife , spoke shave , hand planes, spoon bits ,etc ,  one of the most authentic hand made chair made today,

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Elaine Valletta

Elaine Valletta

We create carved wooden folk animals and replicas of antique animal toys of pine.

Using carvers we shape the bodies & use leather, yarn, felt etc to form the ears, horns, tails and painted and put onto boards with pine wheels – for the replica toys and most of the folk animals have a storage space with another carving as the handle for the top.

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Barbara Wagaman-Donough

Barbara & Bob Donough

Barb Wagaman-Donough and Bob Donough design and create wooden game boards in Lancaster Co. Pa. Ridge Hollow Game Boards began in 1986, due to both an interest in playing game boards and a passion for the history and design of antique game boards.
Barb earned a BA degree in Fine Arts/Design in 1977. Her painting is greatly influenced by her Pennsylvania German heritage. Bob is a skilled stone mason and wood worker and appreciates the craftsmanship of colonial game boards.

Each board is handcrafted and hand-painted on wood, using milk paints, acrylics or oils. The game is antiqued and varnished. Antique reproductions represent those that were simple and homemade and others by skilled carriage and sign makers Folk art designs are Barb’s original designs.

Demonstrations include painting of a game board and the history of board games, particularly those played in colonial America. Clay marbles can be made and one or more games are set up for children of all ages to play.

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Keith & Lori Schoonover

Keith & Lori Schoonover

From where it grew, to you: Every piece is created from locally salvaged trees that were either felled in storms, or recovered from residential take-downs; many were rescued from firewood piles. We transport the logs from where they lay to our mill where they are sawn, kiln dried, and transformed into beautiful utilitarian art. No two pieces are alike; they are crafted to highlight the inherent beauty of the tree.

Specializing in natural edge pieces, the excellent craftsmanship allows each table, shelf or piece that he creates to tell its own story. ” I cannot improve on God’s work. My goal is to show it off in a way that it can be used and enjoyed daily. He is the artist; I am a tool he uses.

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