Food Vendors – check back in early 2021 for news about the 77th Fair.

Share your cuisine with 15,000 hungry Fair visitors.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Waterford Fair in Waterford, Virginia. This application is for the opportunity to vend for three days at the Waterford Fair on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 4-6, 2019. Please contact us if you are unable to participate for a full three days but would still like to participate.

We’re on the lookout for exceptional food trucks, stands, and carts to make the Waterford Fair a delicious destination. We would like savory and sweet offerings, traditional fair and gourmet options, as well as coffee, tea, and other refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks to keep our crowds fed and happy!

See below for event information and details.

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The 75th Annual Waterford Fair takes place in the National Historic Landmark village of Waterford, Virginia and attracts approximately 15,000 visitors.

The Waterford Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Proceeds from the Fair benefit the preservation and education efforts of the Foundation, increasing the public’s knowledge of life and work in an early American rural community.

A truly unique event, the Fair encompasses the entire historic village of Waterford. There are five (5) retail/entertainment areas and Food and Drink Merchants are grouped together in the three (3) main ones. If you have not visited or participated in the Fair before please take a few minutes to watch this short video:


Submit the application along with the following:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Menu with prices
  • $250.00 Deposit Fee
  • Loudoun County Temporary Food Application
  • GreenFair Agreement (optional)
  • 2018 VA Department of Health License receipt or a check for $40 payable to “VDH”
  • Photo of set up (new merchant only)

Item(s) not being submitted with application must be turned in 30 days prior to the start of the event.


Food and Drink Merchants offering an attractive menu with appealing presentation will receive first consideration. On the application, please describe your business, what you make/sell and provide a brief menu proposal. Also submit a photo of your set up. Remember that you must serve the accepted menu and the menu with prices must be clearly visible to attendees. The Fair Director must review any changes made after approval, prior to setting up your stand/cart.


Virginia Sales tax must be collected by each vendor. The necessary forms for vendors who do not have a Virginia sales tax license number will be included in your welcome packet along with information regarding how the sales tax should be deposited with the Virginia Department of Revenue.


All food vendors must obtain a Loudoun County Department of Health Temporary Food Permit for this event.  There is an application fee of $40 for your first  Temporary Food Permit. A new application and permit are required for all special events however, no additional fees are required.

  • If you have already paid the Virginia Department of Health $40 Application fee for 2018, enclose a copy of the receipt with the Temporary Food Permit application. All applications for the Temporary Food Permit are to be submitted to the Waterford Foundation. Do not mail your application to the Health Department.
  • If this is your first Temporary Food Permit application in the calendar year (January 1-December 31 2019), include a check for your $40 fee (payable to the VDH) with the Temporary Food Permit application and mail both the check and the application to the Waterford Foundation. Do not mail your application to the Health Department.



All food stands must be set up by 5 p.m., Thursday, October 3 and open for business by 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 4. Stands may not be dismantled until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 7. Stands are to be staffed and open for business daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in non-participation the following year.  Food Trucks may set up each morning of the Fair but set-up MUST be complete by 9:00 am each morning and can not exit the Fair until after 5:00 pm.


As always, the Food Committee decides the placement of booths.  Every effort is made to place a wide selection of different food options in each of the three main exhibit areas at the Fair.  At times items of a food vendor’s menu may overlap another’s in the immediate area such as two vendors may both offer lemonade.  We will make every effort not to do this but it cannot always be helped. Your patience, understanding and acceptance of this is greatly appreciated.


In an effort to improve the overall appearance of the food booths at the Fair, we are asking that the signs you bring be an acceptable size in proportion to your booth. Signs also should be professional looking, easy to read and understand with prices clearly marked. For some booths the use of a table skirt is recommended to cover up storage of utensils, machinery, etc. Signs will not be allowed above the horizontal line of the top front of your booth/tent. Signs may be inside the booth or on the side but not above the booth itself. No merchandise sales are allowed (i.e., t-shirts, hats, etc.)


New applicants must submit a photo of the booth as it will appear at the Fair. 


Electricity for standard outlets will be provided for those who need it.  We must know your requirements in advance.  Make sure you list the number of each of the different appliances you are bringing so we have an accurate idea of how much wattage is required. You may bring only those appliances which have been listed on your application.  All food and drink merchants must supply their own heavy-duty grounded extension cords.


No cars or trucks can be in the retail area during the Fair. You may refresh your supplies before or after hours but the supply vehicle must also be removed from the area during Fair hours. Enclosed with your information packet will be a vehicle-parking permit and directions to the lot(s) closest to your space.


Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office is onsite during the show’s hours of operation only. Waterford is a residential area, so reasonable precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of you and your property.



A $250 deposit is required with your application. The balance is to be submitted along with the Food and Drink Sales Verification form by October 29, 2019.The deposit fee you pay helps to cover the costs of electricity, trash collection and recycling and is to be submitted along with the other items on the checklist. Participation in the Fair is not guaranteed until all items are received by the Fair office. Your signature on the application form signifies your contractual agreement to abide by the terms laid out in this document and will be held by Waterford Foundation, Inc. to be binding. After the event, mail the Food & Drink Verification form along with your check made payable to the Waterford Foundation, PO Box 142, Waterford, VA 20197.


Merchant may cancel agreement 30 days prior to the starting day of the event. Cancellation must be in writing.  The fee will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. The Foundation also reserves the right to cancel 30 days prior to the starting day of the event and a full refund will be made to the Vendor. 


If a check is returned by our bank, you will automatically forfeit your space in the Waterford Fair and be assessed a $45.00 fee.


Food and Drink Merchants are required to meet all standards of the Loudoun County Health Department and to have all the necessary permits. The application will be included with your acceptance.Food and Drink Merchants will be responsible for supplying their own water source for the duration of the Fair. The water source must be included on your Temporary Food Permit – see Food Permit Overview information in the Temporary Food Guidelines and Information Packet provided to each approved vendor.Please note: The Health Department does not approve the use of bee spray.


A Certificate of Liability must also be included with your application, naming the “Waterford Foundation, Inc”. as additional insured.


As you know with the number of fairgoers who attend each day, a tremendous amount of trash is generated.  Food and Drink Merchants are required to provide sufficient trash cans and trash bags for their stands and to keep their stand area neat and clean.Knock down and take with you empty boxes that are recyclables. Bagged trash and small recyclables will be picked up periodically during the three days of the Waterford Fair but not after 3:00 pm on Sunday. Any trash left in the area of your food booth will result in a charge.  We strongly encourage the use of biodegradable products for environmental reasons. Please review the GreenFair Agreement. We hope you choose to participate.A gray water receptacle is onsite for your use. Please note on the application approximately, how many gallons of wastewater you will need to dispose of each day.

Important Dates

Application opens May 1, 2019 Application closes  July 15, 2019 Notification of acceptance July 22, 2019 Fee & documents due  Aug 23, 2019 Mandatory Set-up day Thursday, October 3, 2019; 9 am to 5 pm Food Trucks arrive before 9 am; daily

Show Dates & Hours

October 4, 5 & 6, 2019 10 am to 5 pm must be set up by 9 am

Address all correspondence or questions to:

Tracy Kirkman Waterford Fair PO Box 142 Waterford, VA 20197 540-882-3018, ext. 4 [email protected]