Enhance your curriculum!

Watch. Learn. Try! Homeschoolers are welcome at the Waterford Fair.Take advantage of this great opportunity to bring your kids for a day of fun and learning in Waterford. Friday October 5 is a great day to bring your homeschoolers for a day at the Fair as there are fewer crowds. Plan for these opportunities:

  • Tour a historic home with a knowledgeable docent.
  • Print out a walking tour booklet and read about the history and buildings as you walk beautiful village.
  • Visit the historic Old Mill and talk about agribusiness, the railroad and farming in early Loudoun County.
  • Visit and read about the role of Waterford in the Civil War and how the Quakers founded and influenced the town.
  • Interact with Artisans throughout the village. All Artisans at the Waterford Fair use traditional methods. They can explain the history of their craft and  demonstrate their methods. Many Artisans are prepared to have children try the craft themselves and/or have a special activity just for kids.
  • Talk to local farmers at the Schooley Mill Barn and purchase some locally made foods.
  • Visit Jeffrey Pfoutz of Loudoun Apiaries behind the Second Street School and try different types of honey. Learn about the bees and how honey is made and collected.
  • Attend the program at the Second Street School on Friday from 10am — 1pm. Learn about what school was like for African-American children in the late 1800’s. Try historic games in the yard behind the school.
  • As you walk around the village look for historic entertainments: old world clowns, an organ grinder, horses and an old world troubadour.
  • Go on a nature hike in the Phillips Farm. Talk about conservation in Loudoun County. Use the interpretive guide found here as you walk the trail or print the brochure and bring it with you.

Come on Saturday and Sunday as well and experience:

  • Authentic American music, pony rides and an 18th century Illusionist.
  • Civil War reenactors as they set up authentic encampments at the Old School.

Everything is included in your fair ticket except food and items offered for sale.

Children 12 and under are FREE!