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As a clay artist of thirty-eight years , my construct and intent for the creations of my hands and mind are simple . I am trying to bring into the world objects which impart a feeling and mentality of beauty .

The inclusion of the visual , how it enters the eye and so mind, is meant to suggest , without demand , a sense of balance , ease , and harmony and thereby yield strength and content(ment) to the mind .

Though the work may be deemed a functional in nature , it can morph into a presence which alters environment by simply being . It then does not have to be a used to function , and so becomes effective and affecting . This would be to yield change , and so congruent with life .

The leap which clay offers, is the adroitness of inclusion by function and use , multiplying capacity . If I am good enough as a thinker, an artist , and a craftsman , I can build a bridge upon which beauty can travel and so by begin a synergy.

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