Waterford Weavers

In 1973, following a Waterford Foundation sponsored weaving class, several students joined together to form the Waterford Weavers Guild. They wanted to improve their knowledge of weaving and share with others what they had learned. As the guild matured, the emphasis changed to encompass all the fiber arts with a goal of ensuring the continuance of the long history of hand weaving and other fiber arts in Virginia. Members practice traditional and contemporary weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, and felting. Using predominantly natural fibers, Guild members produce clothing, accessories and functional domestic items in traditional and original designs. Sale items include clothing and accessories, towels, table linens, wall hangings, fiber based jewelry and baskets.

In our booth Fairgoers will be able to try their hand at weaving a traditional towel on a four shaft loom and spin wool into yarn.

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