Mary Barnes

Mary Barnes |  5+ Years at the Waterford Fair

I weave my one-of-a-kind wraps, shawls, and scarves out of natural fibers using many different patterns.  Many people remark on my outstanding use of color and patterns to create striking pieces.  One of the things, which I particularly enjoy, is combining different fibers and textures in a garment so that a piece really stands out in a crowd.  In fact, one of my customers told the story of being stopped numerous times in New York City and asked where she got her wrap.  Many of my items fit most people, so they are quite satisfying to purchase as gifts.  I do make some things larger and others smaller so that everyone can find something, which fits. I weave on a standard floor loom and dye some of my fibers.

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For Kids!

Weaving on a loom

Children (and adults) are encouraged to try their hand at weaving on the looms. We emphasize that these small looms have most of the functions of the large floor looms. In addition, for finished pieces, I show how twisted fringe is made and allow people to try their hands at this job.

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