• October 4 - 6
  • 10am - 5pm, daily

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The Paper Wings

Blends two distinct voices and impeccable skills as instrumentalists to create a modern, unified vision built on Appalachian traditions — No Depression

A fresh take on what can be called indie Old-Time music.

Paper Wings captivates their listeners with a sound that is delicate, powerful, and refreshingly intimate. The stunning vocal blend of Emily Mann and Wilhelmina Frankzerda soars over a rotating cast of banjo, guitar, and fiddles. These two blossoming songwriters have a distinctive way of weaving traditional Appalachian music in to their thoughtfully crafted songs leaving you feeling nostalgic and exhilarated. They are both exceptionally accomplished multi-instrumentalists, and walk the line between vibrant originality and a deep care for traditional music and its history.

Paper Wings is a genuine intertwining of two souls you won’t soon forget.



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