The Old Mill Shop

Share your creativity in this popular shop!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Waterford Fair in Waterford, Virginia! The Old Mill Shop is housed in the historic Old Mill in Waterford. Situated near a main parking area, food vendors, entertainment and demonstrating artists, it is a favorite shop among Fair-goers. The Old Mill shop will continue to present high quality hand-made goods on all three levels with one entire floor of the building devoted to Christmas & holiday themed items. This year, the Old Mill will also become part Country Store, selling  baked goods, honeys, preserved items and more.

If you are interested in selling your hand-made items on a consignment basis for three days at the Waterford Fair: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 5-7, 2018, please read the information below and start the application process right here on our website! You will also find instructions on how to apply in person or by mail on the application page.

Please note: Food items for the Country Store is a separate application. Learn more here.


Event Information

How Old Mill Shop Consignment Sales Work

Before the Fair, consignors bring their craft items (labeled with the price and their exhibitor number) and their completed 3-part Consignment Record (inventory) form to the Mill on one of the check-in days (see schedule below.)  A volunteer accompanies each consignor to their designated check-in location where all items are counted to confirm accuracy of the written inventory.  Each consignor receives a copy of their Consignment Record form. Consignors who also volunteer for a minimum of four (4) hours receive free admission to the Fair the day of volunteering and one (1) additional ticket.

After all consignors’ crafts have been delivered, Mill Committee volunteers set up displays throughout the Mill, including any necessary adjustments to displays the consignors may have arranged during check-in. For example, work by multiple consignors may be grouped in some special display areas, such as for holiday-themed items.

During the Fair, customers bring all their purchases to a central location for payment and packaging; sales tax is added at the time of payment.  A volunteer monitor on each floor assists customers and keeps the displays tidy.  Only those consignors who are on duty as volunteers for specific tasks are present in the Mill during the Fair.

After the Fair, consignors return, and with the assistance of a volunteer re-inventory and retrieve unsold items (see schedule below). Consignors also receive a copy of their post-Fair Consignment Record inventory form.

Payment: Consignors are paid for all items not remaining after the Fair, but not for unsold items that have been damaged. The Waterford Foundation uses the post-Fair Consignment Record to review and compute each consignor’s total sales.  The 25% commission fee is deducted from consignor’s sales. If the pricing policy is not followed the 5% administrative processing fee will also be deducted. Tax is collected and paid by the Waterford Foundation. Payment checks are mailed mid-December.

More information about filling out a Consignment Record (inventory) form, check-in and check-out, etc., will be included with acceptance letters mailed in July.



Apply and Pay Two Ways:

  • Print and mail in the forms, along with a $30 check made payable to the Waterford Foundation.  Do not send cash. Be sure all your information is complete and legible, and conforms to these instructions.  Before sealing the envelope, check that you have enclosed:
    • Application form
    • Consignment Proposal form
    • Application fee
    • Photos (if you are a new applicant or a former Mill consignor with new types of work; see #3 below).

Photos: submit your photos on a thumb drive.  If you cannot submit photos from a computer file, hard copy (paper) photos are acceptable. Label each thumb drive or photo with your full name. Photos will not be returned unless you enclose a SASE with sufficient postage attached, or request that they be held for you to pick up at check-in.

  • Complete the online forms and pay the application fee via credit card. Remember to include photos as outlined below in #3.


The fee is not refundable; whether or not you are accepted to consign in the Mill. Applications without the fee will not be considered. Fee may not be paid at check-in.

  1. Complete the Application form

Exhibitor Number:  If you are a new applicant, leave this space blank; an exhibitor number will be assigned to you when you are notified of acceptance.  If you are a former Mill exhibitor and do not know your exhibitor number, contact the Waterford Foundation office (540-882-3018 ext. 4 or [email protected].)

Volunteering:  Consignors are encouraged to volunteer at the Mill. Consignors who also volunteer and work a minimum of 4 hours before or during the Fair will get free admittance to the Fair. Volunteers will receive a badge good for the day of your shift and a ticket for one (1) additional day.

On the Application Form – Select the dates, shifts and tasks that you are available to work. You may star (*) your preference(s).

After the volunteer schedule has been developed, volunteers will be notified by email to confirm their assigned time(s) and task(s).  If you have any questions about volunteering, or if your schedule changes after you have been accepted to the Mill, contact Mill Committee Co-Chair Bob Galey (301-834-6427 or [email protected].)

  1. Fill out the Consignment PROPOSAL form

All applicants (including former Mill consignors planning to bring the same types of items as in past years) must submit the Consignment Proposal form, which is used in the jury review process and in considering the variety of items to be displayed in the Mill.  If you are accepted as a Mill consignor, you will receive a copy of your Consignment Proposal form in July, indicating which types of items are/are not accepted, and the reviewers’ comments or conditions.

  • In the first column, list each type of item you want to sell (e.g., bowls, baskets, quilts, etc.)  Specific items to be sold will be listed later, on Exhibitor Consignment RECORD (inventory) form that are sent with consignor’s  acceptance letter.
  • In the second column, briefly note the materials used, size and any other important descriptor for each type of item (e.g., “ceramic bowls, various sizes, food- and oven-safe.”) If the items have a season-specific or holiday theme, note which (e.g., winter, Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, etc.)
  • In the third column, note the price or range of prices for each type of item. Set your prices without regards to sales tax, which is added at the point of sale and paid by the Waterford Foundation.
  • Items must be priced with round numbers, in no less than 25-cent increments. Items tagged “$8.79” or “$8.95” are not acceptable. Items tagged “$8.75” or “$9.00” are acceptable.
  • Consignors who do not follow our pricing policy will be assessed a 5% administrative processing fee based on net sales.

If you have any questions about filling out the Consignment Proposal form, contact Mill Committee Co-Chair Carol Davis (603-472-5821 or [email protected])

  1. Prepare photos to submit with your application

If you are a new applicant, or if you are a former Mill consignor planning to bring different type(s) of items this year, you must submit photos of each type of work.  Returning Mill consignors do not need to submit photos of work that has previously been approved for sale.

Submit at least one photo representative of each type of item.  Photos should portray the entire item; additional close-ups of detail are encouraged.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2018

  1. Read the following information about Mill consignment standards, how Mill sales work, and important dates

Before submitting your application, be sure work you are proposing to sell will conform to Mill standards, that you understand how consignment sales at the Mill are handled, and that you know about key dates for delivering and retrieving your work.

STANDARDS for crafts in the Old Mill Shop

Mill standards address: (a) types of items not accepted for Mill consignment; (b) items that should be entered in other Fair consignment areas; (c) food products at the Mill; (d) criteria for jury review of Mill applications; and (e) standards for work to be displayed for Mill sales.

The Mill Committee reserves the right –

  • to choose what is deemed appropriate for consignment and to limit quantities due to space or other display limitations; and
  • to decline to display any crafts not representative of the items approved by the jury or not compliant with conditions noted on the Consignment Proposal form, as well as any items that do not conform to the following standards.
  • to decline merchandise not tagged in accordance with our pricing policy.

In all cases, the decision of the Mill Committee is final.

(a) Items will NOT be accepted if they: 

  • are not hand-crafted by the consignor
  • are made from kits or pre-stamped designs
  • are made primarily from materials such as plastic, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, Styrofoam, paper doilies & such;
  • display licensed characters or a logo such as for organizations, businesses or sports teams.

(b) Items that should be entered in other consignment venues at the Fair:

  • Paintings, photographs, drawings and prints (Art Mart, Fine Art or Photo Exhibit)
  • Natural, dried and preserved floral arrangements, bouquets and wreaths (Bond St Barn)

(c) Food products will be sold at the Mill but require a separate application:

  • Bottled, jarred and canned goods such as jams, jellies, pickled items, preserves and sauces
  • Ready to eat sweets and baked goods
  • Please visit: for details on consigning food products.

(d) Criteria for jury review of Mill applications:

In reviewing consignment applications, the Mill Committee also considers:

  • Quality of materials and workmanship as evident in the photo and item description
  • Originality, creativity and overall appeal of the item
  • Appropriateness for the Mill – clearly handcrafted (not manufactured goods or imports), with a price point appropriate to the Mill and the nature of the item, and with a manageable “footprint” given space limitations in the Mill.
  • Variety of items among all consignors, to offer Mill visitors a wide selection. The Mill Committee may decline to accept consignors or items in any media that would be over-represented in the Mill.
  • Past “sale-ability” – types of items known to sell well will be given preference over items with low sales in prior years.

 (e) Standards for work displayed in the Mill

  • The exhibitor number and price must be legible and firmly affixed to each item.
  • Tags or labels should be smaller than and not overwhelm the item.

Consignors are encouraged to include their personal logo and contact information on the label or tag. Consignor’s business cards can be included for display with their goods.

  • Any pertinent information, such as cleaning instructions, should be attached when appropriate.
  • Items in sets (e.g., place mats, jewelry, note cards, etc.) should be tied nicely or packaged together (e.g., NOT in plastic food storage bags!) Earrings must be affixed on display cards; rubber guards on ear wires are strongly recommended to prevent loss. Removable parts must be securely attached for safe display and handling.
  • Toys must be child-safe, of non-toxic materials and finishes and without small parts if intended for young children. Decorative items resembling toys, but not child-safe, must be labeled as such.
  • Fiber and fabric items should be made of natural or excellent quality synthetic fibers. Washable items should be pre-shrunk. Items that smell of mothballs or cigarette smoke will not be accepted.
  • Pottery must be hand-thrown or hand-built and well glazed. Functional items must be labeled as to food, oven and/or dishwasher safe.
  • Wooden items should be smoothly finished on all sides unless intended for hanging on a wall.


Important Dates

Application opens May 1, 2018
Application closes  May 31, 2018
Notification of acceptance  July, 2018
Check-In Sept. 28 & 29
Sorting of unsold items Oct. 8
Check-Out Oct. 8 & 13


Show Dates & Hours

Friday, October 5, 2018 10 am to 5 pm EST
Saturday, October 6, 2018 10 am to 5 pm EST
Sunday, October 7, 2018 10 am to 5 pm EST



Address all correspondence or questions to:
Tracy Kirkman
Waterford Fair
PO Box 142
Waterford, VA 20197
540-882-3018, ext. 4
[email protected]

Types of items sold at the Old Mill:

Decorative Items
Holiday Items
Food Items
Children’s Items

and more!