Richard Nippert

Richard Nippert

Providing a lively display of handmade and heart felt redware. I seek to bridge the gap between Art and Function.

Using traditional making techniques I produce a large range of functional and decorative American Redware.
The range is extensive and encompasses the very small to the very large. Using traditional decorating techniques like slip trailing, scgraffitto and brushwork to decorate and enliven the surface I hope to engage the user fully from both a tactile and an emotional point of view.

I believe by displaying the width and breadth of the full Potters scale, we can begin to imagine what it must have been like in the heart of our Pottery making tradition.

It is through this effort that I seek to take a next step and continue to breath life into that which has led us faithfully in the right direction, in the effort to reignite the passion, of the heart and hand working together, to give rise to the harmony and beauty they can create.

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