Robert and Kay Shaeff

Robert and Kay Shaeff

We will demonstrate the art of making Pennsylvania German Redware with sgraffito decorations. Clay is rolled to thickness, trimmed and draped over a hump mold. When clay is leather hard it is removed from the mold and several coats of yellow or white slip are applied. Sgraffito tools are used to incise the design through the slip coating to reveal the red clay body. Colored glazes will be painted on top of the slip to enhance the scratched motif. In addition to traditional redware designs, we use early Pennsylvania German papers (Frakturs commemorating birth and baptismal certificates, bookplates, family records, teacher rewards, etc.) as a source for our redware designs. We have also developed our own designs for Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Our redware is both food and dishwasher safe; ready for everyday use.

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For Kids!

Clay Marble

Young visitors to Waterford may participate by rolling a clay marble and take away a finished fired clay marble, one of the first toys of our early settlers’ children.

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