Wisteria Cottage

This small brick house was probably constructed early in the 19th century. During much of its history, it belonged to the Gover family, prominent Quakers. They sold the house to Gover descendant Wellman Chamberlin in 1941.  For half a century it was the home of Mary Elizabeth Wallace (1919-1999), the last member of Waterford’s once-thriving black community. 

Wisteria Cottage was restored in 2004 and now serves as a charming studio and guest cottage.

The current owners removed a low, flat roofed, addition of a bath and kitchen added by the Chamberlins. The original exterior back wall with its decorative brick border at the roof line is still visible inside the new addition. A vaulted ceiling addition allowed the current owners to create a new bath and kitchen that maintains the footprint of the 1940s structure, as required by county historic preservation guidelines. Upstairs, there is an original sloped ceiling sleeping area with a tiny fireplace for warmth. 

A dirt road used to cut along the right side of the yard. Archeological evidence indicates a similar dwelling once existed across the street.

Wisteria Cottage is open through the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bowman Cutter.