Alison Shriver

Alison Shriver |

After earning a BFA in Graphic Design/Photography at MICA, I worked in TV Graphics & Ad agencies in Balto.MD, Los Angeles, CA & London, England.

Inspired by a collection of early family silhouettes, I began creating silhouette collages incorporating antique papers with my original ideas.
When creating an original, I hand cut a silhouette as a main subject and juxtapose it with relevant maps, stamps, antique ledgers & letters, beach collections, fossils, leaves, branches, wax seals etc.
I have created silhouette collages of many different subjects, including sailing ships, antique chairs, tables, dog breeds, cats, tea pots, pitchers, tureens, sea life, birds, butterflies, farm animals, horses, presidents & famous peoples silhouettes.

I have been creating, exhibiting & selling my original art around the world for nearly 30 years.

My work continues to evolve each year which is extremely rewarding.

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Make your own wax seal

Kids participate in the Colonial custom of sealing wax. There are a large selection of seals to choose from and kids choose a design that appeals to them. They impress the seal into a puddle of hot wax, with their signature and date, and make a memento of the Fair. Antique seals, letters and large ledger are available to view.

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