Save the date for the 2019 Waterford Fair!

October 4, 5, & 6


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About the Art...

Mary Alice Coussoulos was a Waterford resident for many years and captured many of the moments of life in the town in her art: weddings, the Fourth of July and, of course, the Waterford Fair. We have used her painting of the Waterford Fair as our feature image this year thanks to the permission of her son and family.

Waterford voted one of the top ten towns for craft lovers by American Craft Week!

what people love about the Waterford Fair

I enjoyed it. Great ambience. Neat crafts and friendly artisans. Loved the house tours, particularly the history associated with each one.
2017 Fair-goer
We loved it and can’t wait for next year, thank you!
2017 Fair-goer
I try to come every year, and bring new friends each time!
2017 Fair-goer
We like the historic homes and walking around town
2017 Fair-goer


these awesome organizations support preservation, education and conservation in Loudoun county.

We love your pooch too...

which is why we don’t allow dogs at the Waterford Fair. Conditions at the Fair are not conducive to pets for several reasons including availability of water, crowds, heat, and no bathroom areas for pets.  We ask that you leave them home so you can both have a more enjoyable day. Thank you!

You can also purchase your dog a treat the Fair to take home! Find pet treats at the Old Mill shop.

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