Anne Piazza


A Contemporary Adaptation of a Traditional Craft

Each porcelain ornament or egg features colorful raised detail, providing both visual and textural elements. I strive to convey an emotion with every piece, the response being unique to each individual. Memories of holidays, family, history, or whimsy may all come to mind, the ultimate goal being the creation of future heirlooms to be passed down through generations

I have chosen porcelain as my medium, as it is smooth and refined in texture but also extremely strong. This clay body is most appropriate for the intricate raised artwork, the signature of my work. The pieces are cast from original molds

Technique: This is a modification of the historical slip trailing technique used by potters throughout the centuries. My contemporary adaptation to the use of syringes provides the method for capturing the tiniest of detail.
All pieces are signed and dated by Anne Piazza, and include a certificate of authenticity


Waterford Landmark Artisan

Anne Piazza