Jeanne Proctor

Jeanne Proctor Quilts


I think of quilts as paintings made of fabric. The technique of quilting layers of fabric to produce bedding, clothing, and even armor can be traced back centuries. I am inspired by early quilt makers who produced functional pieces that were also truly beautiful, often made with scarce or repurposed textiles. My quilts are based on traditional quilt block designs. My quilts may use a variety of fabrics and colors or may be simply two fabrics. I want my quilts to be used. They are not intended to be stashed away and they are not just bed coverings. I use machine piecing and machine quilting techniques. My fabrics are all cotton and battings are mostly cotton. My hope is that my work is enjoyed by others and that this early American art form is carried forward in future generations.


Waterford Landmark Artisan

Jeanne Proctor