Jeffrey Gale

Waterford Landmark Artisan

I am a full time Traditional Basket Maker, living in an old farmhouse in New England. I have been a Traditional Basket Maker for over 35 years. My baskets are made by hand, the old way, from White Ash trees. I believe Basket Making is a craft worth preserving. To be able to use a few simple tools and transform a tree into useful, beautiful baskets, is a worthy pursuit. It is part of our cultural heritage, from a time when baskets were an essential part of rural life. This knowledge needs to be preserved for future generations. By making baskets daily, as a professional tradesman, I have dedicated my life to this simple task.

Made entirely by hand, and of wood from a living tree, my baskets are built to be used and to last. I want these baskets to live for hundreds of years in the homes of people who love and cherish them.
My life as a Traditional Basket Maker is a simple, gentle life.
My baskets are made with a deep Love and Reverence for Beauty and Spirit of Nature.

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