Michael Stanik


I am a second generation woodworker, and learned most of my skills by working with my father. I have worked with my hands, building furniture most of my life. It is my passion to take pieces of rough lumber and fashion them into a fine piece of furniture. About 15 years ago I started to enjoy building furniture using reclaimed American Wormy Chestnut. All of the wood we use is reclaimed from structures that have outlived their usage. We believe this sets us apart from other craftsmen as we are able to build wonderful furniture that has an incredible history. Most of the pieces we build are of Shaker style. We try to read as much as we can about how they built their furniture. During the Shakers� time in history, metal was hard to obtain and expensive, so they were forced to come up with methods to construct their furniture that achieved the purpose and would last for years. We use as many of these methods as possible as we feel they are still superior to modern methods.


Waterford Landmark Artisan