Erich & Janice Steinhagen

Waterford Landmark Artisan

We create redware pottery informed by the traditions of the 18th century in Great Britain and the American colonies. Using traditional wheel-throwing techniques mastered over the course of four decades of working in clay, we create everyday wares typical of the period as well as more complex and unusual forms. Many of these forms, such as puzzle mugs, inkwells, ring flasks, pierced double-walled ware and harvest jugs, require a high mastery of technique and thus are not commonly encountered today. We also use sgraffito techniques to decorate our pieces in a traditional manner, replicating or adapting motifs of the period from many different decorative-arts and period-culture sources. We are committed to research into the ceramic forms of the period, and to educating the public, particularly children, about the pottery tradition by demonstrating our process at the events we attend.

Erich Steinhagen