Michele Hollick


I have been making floorcloths for over thirty years. For many years I was one of the judges and later the chairperson for SALI (Stencil Artisan League, now IDAL) and their certification process. We would jury each applicant’s work at our annual convention. Many applied but few passed the rigorous test.

Stenciling is my passion. Each time you lift off that stencil I am amazed at what happens. I particularly love the work of the early stencilers and have been fortunate to tour homes here in New England that have original Moses Eaton and Rufus Porter work. In the past I have been recognized in Early American Life and the top 200 Craftsmen. My work appears in many magazines and books about decorating homes from the late 1700-early 1800’s. I participate in many shows like the League of NH Craftsmen and sell to places like Colonial Williamsburg.

I have done work for the Franklin Pierce homestead here in NH, and Harriet Beecher Stowe house at Bowdin College.


Waterford Landmark Artisan