Alex Stanik

Oxylus Designs


As a third generation furniture craftsman, woodworking has always been a large part of my life. I learned this art from my dad and grandfather and have always wanted to put my own vision into the trade. I have been creating pieces of furniture for 15 years and have gained a large amount of knowledge about woodworking. Many different styles of furniture have caught my attention but none that I was drawn towards. I have always enjoyed working with metal and wood and wanted to incorporate metal into my furniture designs. My style closely represents an “Urban and Loft” design. This style appeals to a younger generation and incorporates metal accents in each piece. I never wanted to tie myself to one area of woodworking and respect all aspects of the art. I enjoy classic pieces of furniture made from solid wood as well as fresh ideas including epoxy and live edge pieces. Live edge slabs give the opportunity the show off the true lines of a piece and leave everything completely natural. The use of epoxy pours in a piece provides the opportunity to use lumber that might not normally be selected for a quality piece of furniture and gives movement to the design.