Jake Kristophel

My father has been making treenware for 30+ years and I have been apprenticing with him and hope to keep the art of spoon carving alive. I enjoy creating functional wooden utensils like those that have been in use for thousands of years. I mostly use cherry wood, but also enjoy working with others such as apple, apricot, ambrosia maple, sumac and osage, anticipating the finished product.

M. Keith Wable

We “sugar off” demonstrating the making of crystallized maple sugar as it was done centuries ago. By boiling down maple syrup in a cast iron kettle over and open wood fire, then by stirring and working the syrup in a wooden trough, allowing it to cool until dry crystallized sugar is formed – just as early settlers would have done.

Maria Savka

Animals have been my muses for quite sometime. Their fur, feathers, and wool provide wonderful texture, but it’s their personalities that shine through. I see printmaking as a chance to create different stories through the smallest shifts of color and imagery. Through the possibilities of multiples I create variations where I experiment with different colors, layering images, and pushing a more for moody or whimsical atmosphere.

Grace Rochford

I have always been interested in history and early American crafts. Through this interest, I became acquainted with the historical American floorcloths. I enjoy demonstrating and educating the public about this craft. During the last 12 years, I have made these canvas products for my home as well as for sale. My first piece, a large 8ft. rug is still in my front hallway. Many of my designs are inspired by the colonial canvases, although I create my own designs and have created contemporary items. My products begin with natural heavy cotton canvas. This canvas is stretched and coated with primer, artwork done and protective coats applied. The final step involves creating a folded under and glued hem. In addition to participating in many shows, I have produced many and varied custom pieces, including historical reproduction pieces. I have also worked with interior designers and have taught numerous floorcloth production workshops.

Paul Pendola

Functional kitchen art. My hand carved food safe wooden spoons, spatulas, scoops, knives, and other assorted spice and eating spoons are crafted using only an Axe, straight carving knife, and a hooked spoon knife. I use fresh felled greenwood including black walnut, oak, apple, pear, birch, maple, among others. My items are simple, functional, original (no two alike, no templates), and beautiful.

For kids: Kids can use stamps and stickers and make their own ornament using wood cookies and ribbon thru a pre-drilled hole. Free of charge — and we’ll have a dedicated kids table for them to work at with all the supplies! Look for the chalk board sign that says, “Discover The Artist In You.”


Jared Lanham

I am a blacksmith that focuses on using traditional techniques to shape and join metal. I enjoy making tools, hardware, functional decorative items, and designing one of a kind commissioned pieces. I love to share my knowledge of the craft with others.